What Colors Are Trending for the New Year?

Want the latest fashion trends for color? Us at Simple + Sleek rounded up the top colors for the new year that you’ll want to wear! Simple + Sleek is an online boutique offering you the latest and new fashion trends, check out our boutique clothing! Keep reading to learn more about the colors for this year!

Berry Blazer

Pantone’s Very Peri

The color of the year from Pantone is Very Peri which is a new periwinkle color with more violet and red undertones. This is a trending color for this year because it blends the traits of blue and red to give us an exciting and energetic yet faithful color that matches the feelings of this year!

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Emerald Green

Emerald Green is a trending color of the year that represents both harmony and growth which are traits we would like to take into 2022. You can find the perfect pieces and the latest fashion trends to style Emerald Green with on our website!

Adore you Sweater

Orchid Flower

Next, Orchid Flower is a saturated magenta. This color is trending for this year because it is supposed to create and reflect positivity and escapism. To help you have a positive 2022, find the perfect styles at Simple + Sleek that use this color and similar colors!

Crisscross halter top


Another one of the latest fashion trends for color for the new year is neutrals like Pantone’s Coca Mocha and Snow White. Coca Mocha is a rich brown that’s reminiscent of coffee and warmth. Snow White is a pure white that represents simplicity and inner peace. These two neutrals are timeless colors that can be paired with anything and are great basic colors to include in your wardrobe.

At Simple + Sleek, we love these colors for this year! Our online boutique will have these colors and similar colors used throughout the year to help give you the best and new fashion trends. To start off your new year on the right foot, check out our boutique clothing today!